NJA and Simtek Fence

NJA Fence (Wichita Fence Company) is the exclusive Wichita and Kansas distributor of Simtek’s luxury, soundproof and sound resistant fence. NJA and Wichita Fence Company is a Simtek Fence distributor for Wichita and Kansas.

For more on Simtek’s incredible, sound reducing and beautiful, luxury fences, visit simtekfence.com and call NJA Fence, Mike at 316-619-3962.

If you are considering a wood fence or concrete fence, especially if you are on a busy street with loud traffic noise, you strongly need to consider a Simtek sound reducing fence. For less cost of a concrete fence, you can have beauty and greater sound reduction, along with a fence that will last as long as a concrete fence or concrete wall.

Simtek fences are outstanding choices for HOA and neighborhood or city fence options. Durable, beautiful and sound reducing, Simtek fences are easy to install and a cost effective option, especially versus concrete walls.

And why install a wood fence when it won’t reduce sound and will be maintenance hassle for years? Simtek’s durable fences pay for themselves over time.

Simtek’s sound reducing fence actually absorbs sounds, rather than reflecting it, like concrete fences and walls do. You want sound absorption because reflecting sound comes back to you and invades your home or business regardless of the concrete wall.

Call Mike at 316-619-3962 for more, or visit Simtekfence.com.