5 Attributes of a Simtek Fence you can’t live without

Simtek makes a very special fence that you can’t just get anywhere. In fact, look. You won’t see one that looks even remotely close, at least in the Midwest. Wood fences, iron of course, and certainly concrete. That’s about it. We’re all pretty familiar with those fencing products. So what is a Simtek Fence all about? What are 5 attributes of a Simtek Fence that really pop, that we can’t live without?

  1. A Simtek fence features a patented design of molded patterns that offers a realistic stone appearance. It’s a very distinctive pattern that looks natural, luxurious, and durable.
  2. Simtek is not a cheap plastic or vinyl fence. No where close. Simtek’s patented fence features a proprietary Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic (LLDPE) and is reinforced with galvanized steel. Short of ramming a car through it, Simtek Fences don’t break.
  3. No fence is soundproof, but a Simtek Fence at least blocks 98 percent of direct sound, with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26. STC ratings get kinda technical. It’s really about decibels. For every reduction in 10 decibels, the human ear hears 50% less noise. A Simtek Fence will reduce about 15 decibels from a previously exposed property. In one instance, before there was a fence, traffic noise produced about 70 decibels of noise. Traffic was NOISY! Very intrusive. After the installation of the Simtek Fence, decibels dropped to 50-55. That’s a decrease in noise by about 75%. Frankly, the difference to the human ear was stunning. The installation crew couldn’t believe their ears.
  4. Simtek Fences are for life, and isn’t that nice! Your car won’t last, your dog won’t last, but your fence will! Simtek Fences do just fine in super super cold temperatures and super super hot temperatures, frankly, colder and hotter than the Midwest has to suffer. Only the Sahara and Arctic might not be suitable places for a Simtek Fence. If anyone asks you, Simtek Fences contain Xenon-Arc 12 UV inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors. How about that! Don’t you wish your car wax could say the same?
  5. Last, maintenance cannot be taken for granted. You don’t want to buy and install a maintenance nemesis. Life is hard enough without having to fix your fence continuously. Anyone who has had a wood fence knows exactly what this means. Unlike almost any other fence material, Simtek Fences do not require painting or staining, panel replacements, post replacements or any other kind of maintenance. Simtek Fences will not warp, fade or crack. Let’s say that again, they won’t fade. They won’t stain. They won’t get mildew. In fact, if they get graffiti, it’s easily removed. Simtek Fences won’t blow over. They can withstand 100 mph winds. Simtek Fences certainly cost more than wood fences, but they will pay for themselves and more over the life of the fence and will certainly add more value to a home than a standard wood fence.

You won’t find Simtek Fences widely distributed because they are more expensive than wood or cheap vinyl and it takes a special buyer to want to afford this fence. It’s certainly NOT that expensive, but also certainly more than wood. Many homeowners are content with their wood fences. Their needs are limited to privacy. Simtek Fences really shine when a homeowner, business or community wants their properties to stand out strongly, be maintenance free and, certainly, to reduce the sound that otherwise is assaulting their senses.

No fence can provide soundproofing, but the Simtek Fence is the best out there for genuine, noticeable sound reduction, not to mention beauty, durability and overall common-sense value. NJA Fence, an exclusive Simtek distributor, can provide options and estimates, including installation, for your consideration. You really owe it to yourself to learn more.