Why Simtek Fences don’t break

First, don’t take it from us. Check it out for yourself.


The Simtek crew are crafty marketers. They got a bunch of hockey players to take their best shots trying to punch a hole in a Simtek fence. You gotta love the scene where one of the players breaks his stick smacking the fence. Nice touch.

Simtek has other cool videos there including testimonials.

Fact is, Simtek makes an absurdly strong fence. But it’s counter-intuitive because the panels are NOT solid. Looking at the fence, you’d think the 2-inch thick panels are solid. They’re not. They’re actually hollow, and that’s good. Being hollow is a key ingredient to both durability and sound reduction. Here’s why.

The panels flex against strikes, wind, kids, you name it. The skin of the panels is an advanced, thick resin. Won’t tear, break, crack. Yet the panel is flexible, just the right combo of strength and flex. If something strikes it, the power is dissipated across the entire panel. This does not happen on a non-flexible surface where the force of the strike punches a whole where it hits. Simtek fences literally shrug off strikes. They don’t even pucker or dent. And they’re the same color all the way through the resin, so strikes can’t “scratch off” the color either.

Plus, the design of the panels features both horizontal and vertical faces. The panels don’t have flat surfaces; they have depth, a pattern that is self-reinforcing. The vertical drops that give it the stone look serve as supports spaced every few inches to the vulnerable flat surfaces. Little detail, big big impact.

So how do we feel about those hollow panels? Dunno, right? We’re trained to think that “solid steel” is good! We want THAT in our fences. Solid concrete. Solid means better. No, that’s an old way of thinking. Today, we have better living through technology. In technology, advanced materials means less is more. And you need to think of Simtek as a high-tech fence where your assumptions are turned upside down a bit. Hollow is good because it gives you a stronger fence. Hollow is also very good because it gives you a quieter fence.


Well, sound likes to travel through a continuous material. Solid materials allow sound to travel fast with no speed bumps. Sound does NOT like moving from one material to another because it loses it’s power, becomes absorbed. Air qualifies as a different material. To sound, this is like driving down a road with big speed bumps. You slow down. With Simtek panels, the sound strikes the resin face and does not bounce off (bouncing is bad). Instead, it slows yet moves through. But then it strikes the air chambers inside the panel. Speed bump! Much of the sound gets captured here, absorbed. What survives continues to move through then hits the other resin surface. Another speed bump! What doesn’t get captured moves through to… air! The final speed bump. This 1-2-3-4 super combo reduces sound 50-75%. We all understand the benefits of dual-pane windows. They’re significantly quieter and more energy efficient than single panel. Same principles apply to Simtek fences and now we can begin to see why they’re much quieter than “single pane” wood and concrete fences.

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