NJA Fence became a Simtek Fence distributor because 1) Simtek Fence is really the only AFFORDABLE sound reducing fence in America and 2) there’s really very few distributors in the Midwest. NJA has done the research into sound reducing fencing and concluded that Simtek is a highly preferred technology, brand and product.

For technical specs, visit the Simtek website. It’s a beautiful product that is made from composites and will last forever. Because Simtek and even related products are not widely in distribution, a Simtek Fence draws eyeballs and compliments. Unlike a wood fence, a Simtek Fence will increase both the look and value of a property, both residential and commercial. Wood fences are not sound reducing. Concrete fences are the common choice for sound reduction, but as we all know from everyday observation, concrete bounces sound around. Concrete fences don’t diminish sound.

Simtek Fence actually captures and absorbs sound very similar to double pane windows.

NJA Fence can help you select your Simtek Fence, order it, deliver and install. Call Mike at 316-619-3962. NJA serves all of Kansas and norther Oklahoma and can order and ship Simtek product to your installer of choice anywhere in the country.

NJA Fence
Simtek Fence, distributed by NJA Fence, is made in America and has definite advantages over other fences.